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Healing Cannabis Suppositories

Give some love to that bum (and the whole body) with this potent, non-intoxicating therapy
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Recipe by Sharon Letts

When you think about cannabis therapy, suppositories might not be the first thing that come to mind. However, more and more people are using cannabis suppositories as an effective method of delivery because they do not alter the mind. That means you can ingest very large doses of psychoactive cannabinoids without experiencing the effects of getting high.

By inserting something into your rump, you’re bypassing the lungs, the stomach, and the liver, which is where the psychoactive compounds are metabolized and expressed. In short, suppositories absorb into the bloodstream with no psychoactive effect. So not only do they target a wide range of symptoms, but they can also provide relief for those who do not want to enter into an altered state.

Here is the method written by journalist and cancer survivor Sharon Letts, originally published by Weed World, UK.

Sharon’s note: The following is the cannabis oil recipe I make at home using a rice cooker and a fine grain alcohol. Everclear is typically the solvent of choice in the U.S. You can’t use a drinking alcohol, as it has too much water in it.

Canadian engineer, Rick Simpson, initially found this recipe online while researching for his own ailments. The recipe is referred to as Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, but it’s an honorary title. In cooking terms, it’s merely an alcohol reduction.


Rice cooker

Fine mesh or cheese cloth

Double boiler

Suppository mold


Glass measuring cup


4 cups ground plant material (buds, stem and leaf)

1 liter grain alcohol (90 proof)

2 tablespoons coconut oil for the oil-making process

½ cup cacao butter for suppositories

¼ cup coconut oil for suppositories (optional)

Cannabis Oil Process

Cover the ground plant material with the alcohol solvent and let soak for at least 5 minutes.

Strain the alcohol through a fine mesh or cheesecloth and pour into a rice cooker, discarding the plant matter.

Set the cooker to warm and remove the lid. (Best done outside — do not inhale ethanol fumes.)

It should take between three to four hours to cook down.

Tilt the rice cooker insert to pool the oil and carefully remove any remaining alcohol with a syringe.

You will have a thick, brown resin remaining. These are the essential oils of the plant, where the medicine is.

Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to the mix. This will keep the resin from burning and ruining the medicine. Adding coconut is also good for delivery into the bloodstream.

Take a whiff of the mixture. If you can smell the alcohol, it hasn’t cooked off. Allow the coconut resin mixture to sit to ensure the alcohol has completely evaporated.

Now it’s time to turn your precious Rick Simpson Oil into suppositories!

Suppository Recipe

The reduced cannabis resin will test in the 80th percentile or stronger for tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive compound. Because of the strength of this oil, using the suppository method is ideal because delivery bypasses the liver and goes directly to the bloodstream for healing, causing no head high.

The potency of the oil will vary depending on the strength of the cannabis used, while the potency of the suppositories depends on the size of your mold as well as the amount of oil used per unit. You may wish to go with a 1:1 model of oil to cacao butter, which we’ve recommended in this recipe and makes for a slightly softer and less potent suppository, but it’s really up to you!


¼ cup RSO coconut oil

½ cup cacao butter

¼ cup coconut oil (optional)



In a double boiler, melt the cacao butter.

Add the RSO coconut oil to the double boiler, along with the extra coconut oil if desired.

Melt the ingredients and stir together.

Using a dropper, fill molds with the mixture.

Allow the suppositories to harden overnight in the refrigerator.

Once you remove the suppositories from the molds, they are ready to use.

Store your suppositories in the fridge for freshness and to keep them in a solid state.

Enjoy this potent, homemade cannabis therapy right before bed!


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