From seed to self-reliance.

Shop your favorite DIY plant medicine brands. Learn how to cultivate and process therapeutic plants at home. Explore the health benefits of herbalism, cannabis & psychedelic plants. Take control of your wellness and put the power of plants in your hands!

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Hello, I'm Amanda Reiman, founder of Personal Plants! We're here to offer DIY plant medicine alternatives for all levels of experience. We want you to be in control of your wellness, and one way to do that is to cultivate your own medicinal plants and fungi at home. That's why I created Personal Plants—to put the power of plants in your own hands by offering knowledge, practical tools, and inspiration from trusted guides, makers and brands. You won't find any age restricted products here, we want earth medicines to be accessible to all!

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From seed to self-reliance!

Nature is stocked with beneficial plants and insects!Placeholder
Medicinal Plants
Ready to start growing and healing? In this collection you'll find all of our content about therapeutic herbs, plants and fungi!
Sharon LettsPlaceholder
Could Cannabis Treat Cancer and Chronic Illness?
Cancer survivor Sharon Letts shares her opinion on the matter
Cannabis and hemp are just now reaching the mainstreamPlaceholder
Cannabis & Hemp
Everything you'll ever want to know about growing, cooking, and healing with cannabis and hemp—all in this collection!
Psychedelics can alter our thinking and help us embrace new ideasPlaceholder
Psychedelics and the Mind
Curious about psychedelic plants and how they can assist healing and transformation? Looking for new ways to expand your consciousness? Start here!
Photo of a home gardenPlaceholderPlay
5 Tips for Planting Your First Backyard Garden
What every beginner needs to know before they dig in.
How to Create a Sacred Space at HomePlaceholderPlay
Create a Sacred Space at Home, No Matter the Size!
5 ways to cultivate your indoor sanctuary, from The Underbelly’s Mary Carr.
Try Aja Yasir’s simple sexual awakening yoni steam recipePlaceholderPlay
The Awakening Yoni Steam
Enliven Yourself Down There with Aja Yasir’s Botanical Cleanse.
Make Cannabis Concentrate - My Personal PlantsPlaceholderPlay
Make Your Own Cannabis Concentrate
This versatile concoction can serve as the base for your DIY hemp creations!
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