From seed to self-reliance.

Develop a healthy relationship with cannabis. Learn about mindful consumption, harm reduction, making your own products and a life in balance with the plant!

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Hello, I'm Amanda Reiman, founder of Personal Plants! We're here to help you develop a healthy and balanced relationship with cannabis. That's why I created Personal Plants—to provide honest, health focused information on using cannabis, mindful consumption, and how to create a healthy lifestyle around the use of the plant.

Amanda Reiman PhD

From seed to self-reliance!

A dictionary of cannabis terms-Personal PlantsPlaceholder
Cannabis Vocabulary 101: What's in this?
Cannabis product labels contain A LOT of information. Here's what you need to know to find the perfect product for you!
Cannabis and Coffee-Personal PlantsPlaceholder
Regulate Cannabis Like…Coffee?
Regulating cannabis like alcohol has been largely unsuccessful, what if we chose another intoxicating substance as a blueprint?
Talking to your doctor-Personal PlantsPlaceholder
Talking to Your Doctor About Weed: Should You Do It?
Doctor's have a tricky history with cannabis. Should you disclose?
Microdosing cannabis is using an amount big enough to get a benefit but small enough to avoid intoxicationPlaceholder
Mood altering, pain altering, but not mind altering: Microdosing with cannabis
All of the relief, none of the high. Learn how to microdose with cannabis!
Photo of a home gardenPlaceholderPlay
5 Tips for Planting Your First Backyard Garden
What every beginner needs to know before they dig in.
Make Cannabis Concentrate - My Personal PlantsPlaceholderPlay
Make Your Own Cannabis Concentrate
This versatile concoction can serve as the base for your DIY hemp creations!
Expanding the mind in a safe and responsible way is key to success.PlaceholderPlay
7 Tips for Navigating Your Psychedelic Experience
Curious about psychedelics? Expert Jazmin Hupp offers practical advice.
From garden to kitchen, to bathroom, living room and bedroom!PlaceholderPlay
6 Surprising Ways to Use Hemp at Home
This versatile and hearty plant can be used in almost every room of the house!
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