From seed to self-reliance.

Develop a healthy relationship with cannabis. Learn about mindful consumption, harm reduction, making your own products and a life in balance with the plant!

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Why Personal Plants?

Hello, I'm Amanda Reiman, founder of Personal Plants! We're here to help you develop a healthy and balanced relationship with cannabis. That's why I created Personal Plants—to provide honest, health focused information on using cannabis, mindful consumption, and how to create a healthy lifestyle around the use of the plant.

Amanda Reiman PhD

From seed to self-reliance!

Chemical structure of Delta 8 THC-Personal PlantsPlaceholder
What is Delta 8 THC?
You may have seen these products in your local gas station or promoted on social media. What are they? Are they safe?
Cannabis vs. alcohol, which is the winner? Personal PlantsPlaceholder
Cannabis versus alcohol: A head to head competition!
Cannabis and alcohol are two of the most commonly used psychoactive substances. We compare them in this head to head competition!
How to engage in moderate cannabis usePlaceholder
Why cannabis moderation is so hard for so many
Cutting down isn't as easy as setting an intention. I'll tell you why
How to advocate for changes in cannabis policy-Personal PlantsPlaceholder
How to be the change and advocate for the plant
Think globally, act locally. A handy guide to making change in your community!
Photo of a home gardenPlaceholderPlay
5 Tips for Planting Your First Backyard Garden
What every beginner needs to know before they dig in.
Make Cannabis Concentrate - My Personal PlantsPlaceholderPlay
Make Your Own Cannabis Concentrate
This versatile concoction can serve as the base for your DIY hemp creations!
Expanding the mind in a safe and responsible way is key to success.PlaceholderPlay
7 Tips for Navigating Your Psychedelic Experience
Curious about psychedelics? Expert Jazmin Hupp offers practical advice.
From garden to kitchen, to bathroom, living room and bedroom!PlaceholderPlay
6 Surprising Ways to Use Hemp at Home
This versatile and hearty plant can be used in almost every room of the house!
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