From seed to self-reliance.

Develop a healthy relationship with psychoactive plants. Learn how to cultivate sacred plants at home and other tools for mindful, balanced consumption. Pairing the power of plants with the hands of people!

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Hello, I'm Amanda Reiman, founder of Personal Plants! We're here to help you develop a deeper relationship with psychedelic plants. We want you to be in control of your wellness, and one way to do that is to cultivate your own medicinal plants and fungi at home. That's why I created Personal Plants—to pair the power of plants with your own hands by offering knowledge, practical tools, and inspiration from our garden to yours. Browse the blog, check out some recipes and visit our nursery for everything you need from seed to self-reliance!

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From seed to self-reliance!

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You and cannabis, BFF or frenemies?
Mastering the art of mindful consumption
Personal Plants welcomes you to the post prohibition era of healthy plant relationships
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Personal Plants Valentine's Day Cards!
Send an entheogen-inspired card to the flora lover in your life!
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5 Herbal Superfood Allies for Your Wellness Routine
Up the dosage of these common plants for support you never knew possible!
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5 Tips for Planting Your First Backyard Garden
What every beginner needs to know before they dig in.
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Create a Sacred Space at Home, No Matter the Size!
5 ways to cultivate your indoor sanctuary, from The Underbelly’s Mary Carr.
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The Awakening Yoni Steam
Enliven Yourself Down There with Aja Yasir’s Botanical Cleanse.
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Ice plants contain DMT

Homegrown entheogens

Entheogens are plants that invite the divine within. Passionflower, chacruna, ayahuasca and morning glories all contain chemicals thought to bring about spiritual transformation. And you can grow them at home. Check out our shop and sign up to learn more!