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In the Garden
WatchPhoto of a home gardenPlay
5 Tips for Planting Your First Backyard Garden
What every beginner needs to know before they dig in.
In the Kitchen
WatchMake Cannabis Concentrate - My Personal PlantsPlay
Make Your Own Cannabis Concentrate
This versatile concoction can serve as the base for your DIY hemp creations!
In the Mind
WatchExpanding the mind in a safe and responsible way is key to success.Play
7 Tips for Navigating Your Psychedelic Experience
Curious about psychedelics? Expert Jazmin Hupp offers practical advice.
In the Garden
WatchFrom garden to kitchen, to bathroom, living room and bedroom!Play
6 Surprising Ways to Use Hemp at Home
This versatile and hearty plant can be used in almost every room of the house!
In the Kitchen
WatchColorful and plant-based, cannabis-infused beverages are taking over the adult party scenePlay
5 Secrets for Making Killer Cannabis Drinks
Learn how to make your own from expert mixologist Kelly Ann Woods!
In the Bath
WatchCBD-infused bath salts for pain reliefPlay
Make CBD and Arnica-Infused Bath Salts  
Bring the spa home with this easy, aromatic, and therapeutic recipe.
In the Kitchen
WatchCannabis pairings are the hottest trend in entertaining!Play
Throw a Perfectly Paired Cannabis Dinner Party
Impress your guests with these 6 tips from cannabis sommelier Devika Maskey
In the Bath
WatchCannabis salve has been used as a natural anti-inflammatory for centuries! Play
Make Your Own Cannabis Salve at Home
Whip up some feel-good, plant-based first aid!
In the Garden
WatchThere are some tools that are essential for every home cannabis gardenerPlay
5 Must-Have Tools for the Cannabis Gardener
Penny Barthel shares the essentials you need to get started.
In the Kitchen
WatchFun infused cocktails without the alcohol!Play
Make a Cannabis-Infused Mocktail!
Kelly Ann Woods concocts a sophisticated and easy infused mocktail.
In the Kitchen
WatchMake Medicated Pumpkin Muffins
Marvelously Medicated Pumpkin Muffins
Nothing complements fall better than spiced goods, but have you tried pairing cannabis with your pumpkin treats?
In the Bath
WatchHealing Cannabis Suppositories — Personal Plants
Healing Cannabis Suppositories
Give some love to that bum (and the whole body) with this potent, non-intoxicating therapy
In the Kitchen
WatchTea is a wonderful and effective way to ingest plant medicines.
The Inside Guide's Psilocybin Mushroom and Ginger Tea
Grab your travel buddy and explore that uncharted territory!
In the Kitchen
WatchGrapefruit contains powerful terpenes and can be tart or sweet
Cannabis-Infused Grapefruit Gimlet
It's just as good as the drink you know—with a secret ingredient you'll love!
In the Kitchen
WatchCannabis-Infused Summer Berry Palmer
Cannabis-Infused Summer Berry Palmer
This classic summer drink has a special twist: cannabis & berries!
In the Kitchen
WatchCannabis Infused Lemonade is the perfect summer drink
Cannabis-Infused Lemonade
Spike your go-to summer drink with some zing
In the Kitchen
WatchBasic Cannabis Alcohol Tincture
Basic Cannabis Alcohol Tincture
Make edibles, salves and more with Personal Plant’s home apothecary essential!
In the Kitchen
WatchOriginal photo by Penny Barthel
Fresh Watermelon Cannabis-Infused Gummies
Like vitamin gummies you love, but with an exciting adult twist!
Dig Deeper
WatchAnswering questions about cannabis
Finding the Middle: Real talk about cannabis
Propaganda has robbed us of our chance to talk about cannabis from a balanced perspective.
We are bombarded with extreme messages about cannabis from both sides. Let's find the middle!
Dig Deeper
WatchPersonal Plants- Cannabis as a substitute for alcohol
Part III Cannabis and Substitution History and How To
Thinking about using cannabis instead of alcohol or Ambien? Read this first!
Many folks are looking to lose the booze and sub in the weed. Here's what you need to know!
Dig Deeper
WatchSmoke fills the air
Part II Rethinking cannabis use
Moving beyond substance use to a realistic view of cannabis consumption
The "all use is abuse" trope has prevented meaningful discussions about how people consume cannabis
Dig Deeper
WatchWoman eating macarons
Part I Awareness without judgment: The art of mindful consumption
Challenging the ideas of "good" and "bad" consumption
We have been conditioned to see certain types of consumption as ok and others as problems. No more!
Dig Deeper
WatchAuthor with her homegrown cannabis plant
You and cannabis, BFF or frenemies?
Mastering the art of mindful consumption
Personal Plants welcomes you to the post prohibition era of healthy plant relationships
Dig Deeper
Watchsmall white mushroom in a forest
Healing trauma with psychedelic plants
Rediscover connection, and yourself
In the Mind
WatchReal Sleep and Personal Plants
Personalized Plants for Your Real Sleep
Ditch the “sledgehammer” sleep aids and embrace the power of plants instead!
In the Garden
WatchThe entheogen Datura
Find Meaning within Your Sacred Garden
What are entheogenic plants and how can they help positively transform your life?
In the Mind
WatchSharon Letts
Cannabis, Cancer and Chronic Illness
Cancer survivor Sharon Letts shares her opinion on the matter
In the Garden
WatchGrowing your own: Germinating cannabis seeds
Germinating Cannabis Seeds
Growing your own cannabis is a great way to form a relationship with the plant
Dig Deeper
WatchNature is stocked with beneficial plants and insects!
Medicinal Plants
Ready to start growing and healing? In this collection you'll find all of our content about therapeutic herbs, plants and fungi!
Dig Deeper
WatchCannabis and hemp are just now reaching the mainstream
Cannabis & Hemp
Everything you'll ever want to know about growing, cooking, and healing with cannabis and hemp—all in this collection!
Dig Deeper
WatchPsychedelics can alter our thinking and help us embrace new ideas
Psychedelics and the Mind
Curious about psychedelic plants and how they can assist healing and transformation? Looking for new ways to expand your consciousness? Start here!
In the Garden
WatchCannabis the healing plant was created by God for all of us to enjoy and benefit from
A Beginner's Guide to Growing Cannabis
Want to get growing? Penny Barthel offers tips and insights into backyard cannabis cultivation
In the Garden
WatchCannabis is a plant and belongs in the garden, next to the tomatoes.
Johanna Silver Grows Cannabis in the Garden
This James Beard Award-winning author and seasoned gardener wants to help you grow weed!
In the Garden
WatchFarm-to-Doorstep Hemp with Dr. Emily Gogol
Farm-to-Doorstep Hemp
Join the hemp revolution in your own backyard! Dr. Emily Gogol shows you how to grow your own!
In the Mind
WatchUsing Personal Plants to support your earth medicine journey
What is Personal Plants?
A message from our founder, Dr. Amanda Reiman
In the Mind
WatchModern day visionary Jazmin Hupp
Jazmin Hupp's Psychedelic Roadmap: Part 1
Discover how psychedelics can be a gateway to meditation & re-selfing
In the Bath
WatchUsing tinctures for balance and wellness
Using tinctures for balance and wellness
Tinctures are one of the oldest—and easiest—ways to ingest plant medicine, and you can make them at home!
In the Mind
WatchPsychedelics can enhance our connection to nature
Personal Plants Journey: Haley's Story
Nature and psychedelics are the best combo. Haley shares her journey with fungi and forests.
In the Garden
WatchUsing mushrooms to discover our invisible world
Using mushrooms to discover our invisible world
Underneath the surface lies an entire universe of life, and mushrooms are at the center!
In the Mind
WatchSexual freedom philosopher Nicolle Hodge's Personal Plants are Flaming Sword Bromeliad and Anthurium Play
Sexual Freedom and Plant Power
Nicolle Hodges, author and sex-positive visionary, talks about her game-changing work and the plants that are personal to her
In the Mind
WatchCatch this Clubhouse replay!Play
Siobhan McCarthy from Blyssful Alchemy and Her Personal Plants!
Our favorite herbalist, formulator, and circus clown has a lot to say about plant-based wellness!
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