Learn the truth about the benefits and risks of cannabis. These short videos will summarize the evidence and provide easy ways to take action to improve your relationship with the cannabis plant!

Is Smoking Marijuana Bad for You?
It used to be the go to way to consume cannabis. But what are the risks of lighting the plant on fire and inhaling?
In this episode of the Truth About the Plant, we answer the question: Is Smoking Marijuana Bad for You?
Can you overdose on marijuana?
The Truth About the Plant has you covered!
The Truth About the Plant gives you real, honest info about psychoactive plants like cannabis and mushrooms! Cut through the noise and gain the knowledge you need to have a healthy relationship with these fascinating plants! In this episode, we answer the question "Can You Overdose on Marijuana?" Some say no way, others say the risk is high...but what's the TRUTH?
What is cannabis and psychedelic exceptionalism?
Thinking that your drug of choice should be legal while others remain prohibited harms the greater drug policy reform movement, here's why
If no one deserves to go to jail for consuming cannabis or psychedelics, then NO ONE DESERVES TO GO TO JAIL FOR ANY DRUG USE. You may not agree with a legal market for all drugs, but you should at least support the decriminalization of use and possession of all drugs
What is Quality Cannabis? Consider our food
We know what quality means when it comes to food. How does this relate to cannabis?
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