Wakeful Mindful Travel Journal-Personal Plants

Wakeful Mindful Travel Journal

Wakeful Mindful Travel Journal
This mindful travel journal guides you through your next short or long adventure.
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This mindful travel journal guides you through your next short or long adventure. You can use this journal on close-to-home, 1-2 week trips, weekend getaways, and one-day trips. AND you can use it to dream up your next big trip (1-3 months).

To sum it up, this journal can be used on shorter inter-provincial and inter-state travels.

What's Included?


Who is it for?

This journal is dedicated to the adventure-seekers, the go-getters, the globetrotters and the daydreamers.

The ones who aren’t afraid to drop everything and leave who they were behind.

The ones who yearn for transformation.

The ones who find happiness in experiences — over materials. You’ve got wanderlust in your veins and you’re ready
to make a difference in this world.

We hope this travel journal helps you take in the best memories, grow new friendships and inspire healthy practices. It’s time to explore our beautiful planet in a mindful, ethical and sustainable way.

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