Wakeful Psychedelic Integration Journal-Personal Plants

Wakeful Integration Journal

After the experience, comes the integration
The Wakeful Integration Journal for conscious explorers for preparation, navigation and integration
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The Wakeful Integration Journal for conscious explorers to prepare, navigate and integrate their psychedelic experiences.

This guided journal that helps you prepare, navigate and integrate transformative experiences. It contains space for 1 journey that may be further away, such as a retreat or a 5+ night experience, and 3 shorter journeys such as 1-4 night ceremonies.

The journal can assist you while on retreat, at a clinic, or even in the forest with your friends.

Key Benefits:

• What good are peak spiritual experiences if they don't positively change your life? Preparation and integration for a plant medicine experience are JUST as important as the medicine itself. You won't reap the benefits from a session if you don't lay out the next tangible steps to actually CREATE the change you wish to see.

• Journaling is the #1 tool that people use to understand and reflect on their experiences, but the lack of structure of a blank notebook makes it an ineffective tool for proper integration.

• Journaling reflects your own wisdom back at you, helps you understand the areas you may wish to work on–and then put a plan in place for lasting growth.

•  Journaling has been scientifically proven to improve your working memory, increase productivity, and support emotional confrontation and cognitive processing.

For plant medicine or other guided experiences.


1 Longer Journey (5+ nights)
3 Shorter Journeys (1 to 4 nights)
5 Colour Therapy Pages
Quotes & Resources Pages

• Planning & Reservations
• Travel Packing List
• Journey Packing List
• Discover Your Intention
• Medicine Reflections
• Body, Mind, Spirit Prep Pages
• Grounding Pages

• Traditional Journaling Pages
• Draw Your Experience

• Reflection Questions
• Integration Pages
• Insights & Breakthroughs


Pocket in Back: To keep your... pens... ;)
Hard cover: You can keep it forever
Thick Elastic: To hold it your memories tight
Bookmark: So you can mark your page

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