Wakeful Psychedelic Integration Journal-Personal Plants

Wakeful 6 Week Intention Journal

Wakeful 6 Week Intention Journal
Mark your dose days into the tracking calendar, work through reflective prompts, and notice patterns
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We created the Wakeful Intention Journal (for microdosing) because we knew that all too often, people begin microdosing, but then fall out of their regimen after a few days or weeks.

With the Intention Journal, not only can you mark your dose days into the tracking calendar, but you can work through reflective prompts to discover your intention, notice patterns, and explore your sense of self. It's your very own accountability buddy, because not everyone can afford a microdosing program or coach.

It Includes:

• 6-Week Structure For Microdosing
• 4 Hand-Drawn Colour Therapy Pages
• Preparation Pages
• Intention Setting Pages
• Tracking Pages
• Insights & Traditional Journaling Pages
• Reflection Questions
• Integration Section
• And More


Pocket in the back: To keep your... pen ;)
Hard Cover: You can keep it forever
Thick Elastic: To hold it your memories tight
Bookmark: So you don't lose your page

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