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Before you buy another cannabis product, here are three apps to download that will make your decision easier and increase the chances of getting what you want from your cannabis experience.
Written by
Dr. Amanda Reiman
December 20, 2023

Shopping for cannabis products these days can be a bit like wandering into the candy land room at the Willy Wonka factory. Brightly colored packages boasting everything from better sex to better sleep to enhanced relaxation line dispensary shelves. Endless jars of flower trying to “out THC '' each other are now also reporting terpene profiles and minor cannabinoids like THCV and CBN. Even for the seasoned cannabis consumer, this can induce paralysis of choice. And for the newer consumer, there is the question of where to even start. And while this may sound like nothing more than the trappings of late-stage capitalism, we are talking about an intoxicating substance that is not risk free. Furthermore, most cannabis consumers are using these products with a specific goal in mind, which makes finding the right product important. And of course, muddying the waters even more, products and brands often vary from dispensary to dispensary, even within the same town. So, what is a consumer to do? Luckily, technology has answered the call. So, before you buy another cannabis product, here are three apps to download that will make your decision easier and increase the chances of getting what you want from your cannabis experience.

Tetragram: A personal consumption journal and cannabis community

The Tetragram app is a must have for those using cannabis to treat or address specific symptoms. Tetragram allows consumers to log the products they are using, to record their goals for consumption, and then track how well the product helped them reach those goals. For medical cannabis consumers, Tetragram is essential because you can see how various products affect your symptoms, so that you can choose those that help while avoiding those that don’t. It is also useful for finding products like the ones that help if the exact product is not available. For example, if you purchase an edible that is 10mg of THC and 20mg of CBN and it really helps with sleep, you can find something with the same contents, even if it is from a different brand. In addition to logging your products and their impact, the new version of Tetragram allows you to join communities of consumers who are using it for the same reasons you are. Using cannabis to treat chronic pain? Join the community of chronic pain patients and discuss which products you find most useful. Finally, Tetragram has a function that allows your doctor to temporarily view your consumption log, which makes it easier for them to see what you have been using and what has been working for you. Find out more about Tetragram and then download it from the app store! 

Spark from Jointly: Your personal AI budtender

The budtender plays a crucial role in helping connect consumers to the right products for them. But what about when you are shopping from home? Since COVID, online ordering has become a common way to shop for cannabis, and dispensaries in some states only allow orders to be placed online and then products to be picked up. Even when in-store shopping is an option, many consumers like to peruse the menu prior to visiting so that they have an idea of what they want to purchase. That’s where Spark from Jointly comes in. Jointly has always been about purposeful cannabis consumption and the belief that consumers are using cannabis with a specific goal in mind. Whether that’s relaxation or socialization, Jointly has helped consumers find the right products to meet their needs. Using AI technology to learn from the thousands of product reviews in the Jointly app, Spark serves as a virtual budtender, providing product recommendations through the Jointly app. Looking for the best edibles to bring to your next concert experience? Spark can help guide you based on a sea of product reviews. Love cannabis that tastes like citrus? Spark can tell you which flower has been described that way. This helps take the guesswork out of dispensary shopping and increases the chance of getting the products that meet your needs. Check out the Jointly app and your personal AI budtender, Spark!

Budist: The Rotten Tomatoes of Cannabis

When you are standing in the dispensary faced with a sea of choices, you often wish you had a sea of experts to tell you which one is the best for meeting your needs. Will this edible be good for a hike or make me want to melt into the couch? Just like Rotten Tomatoes brings together cinema connoisseurs and the general public to provide movie reviews and guidance, the new app Budist brings together cannabis experts and the public to review and recommend various products. Many of the expert reviewers are certified Ganjiers (like Sommeliers, but for cannabis), and their deep knowledge of terpenes, cannabinoids and the like make their advice exceptionally valuable. But that’s not all. The general consumer can also rate and comment on products, bringing a community feel and approach to choosing the right cannabis journey for you. Find a farm or strain you absolutely love? Tell people about it! Had an unexpected experience with a product that wasn’t as advertised? Tell people about it! Enter your preferences for consuming to see reviews tailored to you. Follow other reviewers and see their latest assessments. Budist is making it easier to get the low down on the products on the shelves and giving you access to a bevy of the most knowledgeable consumers around. Download the Budist app and learn more about the products near you! 

During prohibition, so many cannabis consumers didn’t talk about their use or feel comfortable enough to ask questions about the products they were buying on the illicit market. Now that cannabis legalization is bringing the use of the plant out into the light, these apps are ready to assist you in finding community, tracking your use, locating the best products for your needs, and helping you develop and maintain your best relationship with the cannabis plant.

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