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Canna Bev Summer!

This summer, ditch the booze, put out the joint, leave the gummies at home, and try a canna bev!
Written by
Dr. Amanda Reiman
June 21, 2024

Sitting in the sunshine, drink in hand, sunglasses on, music playing, soaking in the summer. It's an image that gets people through those dreary winter days. And now, it's finally here! So, what’s in your glass? Here at Personal Plants, we love infused beverages! And while canna bevs are still an up and coming product category in the marketplace, we think this summer is the perfect time to learn why these libations are catching on and making this a Canna Bev Summer!

They’ve come a long way baby

Not too long ago, canna bevs were still finding their footing in the manufactured product space. They amounted to little more than a carbonated beverage with some cannabis oil thrown in. The result was a product that could be unpredictable in effect, undesirable in flavor, and a little oily on the tongue. They also suffered from the onset issue as traditional edibles with the effect times being an hour or more. This made it tough to substitute them for alcohol because your alcohol drinking buddies could be 3 drinks in before yours starts to take effect. Thankfully, the canna bev manufacturing process has improved greatly in the past few years. Techniques like nano-emulsification help the cannabinoids blend better with the liquid and create a faster time of onset, more like that of an alcoholic beverage. So, not only are modern canna bevs delicious, you can choose one instead of alcohol and still be on the same buzz schedule as the booze drinkers around you. And speaking of alcohol…

They are a healthier choice

I won’t bore you with the harms of alcohol consumption, but let’s just say that canna bevs are better for your mind and body. In addition to the absence of the next day hangover, canna bevs don’t cause dehydration the way that alcohol does, which is important especially when drinking in hot weather. Alcohol is also known for having a lot of sugar and therefore calories. And while sugar laden, high caloric canna bevs exist, you can also find those with no or few calories and no/low sugar content. Lagunitas makes an infused hops water called Hi-Fi Hops that is sugar and calorie free, and Pabst Blue Ribbon makes a low sugar, low calorie infused seltzer called High Seltzer (try the lemon!). But there is an aspect of alcohol you don’t have to give up with canna bevs…

Sip and savor

While cannabis is allowed in social spaces now more than ever, smoking is not allowed in most places. This leaves consumers dependent on manufactured products for social consumption. And while popping a gummy is an efficient way to consume, it lacks the act of socializing and savoring your intoxicant. Canna bevs mimic alcohol in that you get to hold it, sip it, savor it and make it last while chatting, listening to music, whatever your social outing entails. You can also purchase infused bitters and other drink bases to create your own canna cocktails. With the current options, you won’t feel like you are giving up the experience just because you give up the booze. It is true that alcohol is sold in all kinds of outlets but…

At a store near you

The hemp derived product market has exploded over the past few years. This means that there are intoxicating hemp derived beverages being sold online and at alcohol outlets in states across the country. No more do you have to go to a cannabis dispensary to try a canna bev. It may be as simple as going online or stopping by your local Wine and More. Minnesota is known for leading this market with their progressive approach to intoxicating hemp infused beverages. In Minnesota, not only can you buy these products at the regular store, they are available in restaurants across the state. They even hosted a hemp beverage festival this past June. But, beware that unless you are in a state like Minnesota that regulates these products, the beverages you see on sale may or may not have been tested for safety. Look for a COA (certificate of analysis) often provided via a QR code on the company website, which will show the test results for various products. And check out the Hemp Consumer’s Guide from Personal Plants and Vertosa for more about the safety of these products.

So what are you waiting for?

This summer, ditch the booze, put out the joint, leave the gummies at home, and try a canna bev! Buy them already ready to drink, or make your own and have some friends over for a canna cocktail hour. Here are some of our favorite recipes courtesy of Jamie Evans, the Herb Sommelier and author of Cannabis Cocktails: Seasonal Sips & High Teas for Every Occasion, which comes out July 2!

Cannabis Infused Lemonade

Cannabis Infused Summer Berry Palmer

Bottoms Up!

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