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6 Surprising Ways to Use Hemp at Home

Hemp has been grown in the US for hundreds of years, and now this long-admired plant is back on the scene. Here's how you can join in!

The USDA certified organic hemp nursery Infinite Tree has now launched Grow it From Home, providing backyard gardeners with access to commercial hemp plants. From farm to doorstep, Emily Gogol’s Grow it From Home ships already established, easy-to-grow hemp babies right to your door!

Below Emily shares with Personal Plants six unexpected ways hemp plants can upgrade meals, enhance daily wellness routines, and heighten home décor.

1. As a Culinary Herb

Move over oregano! Dried hemp flower makes for a versatile ingredient in the kitchen either on its own or as an oil infusion. Spice up your alfredo with crumbled hemp flower on your pasta for an extra layer of flavor. Or, try a sesame oil infusion and turn your home-grown bud into a savory noodle dish, like Sous Weed’s Cannabis-Infused Longevity Noodles.

2. As a Tea

Relax in the evening with an elegant tisane made from dry flower or fresh leaves. Sip your CBD and enjoy the hemp plant’s soothing earthiness as a standalone, or blended with your favorite herbal teas like peppermint, chamomile or licorice.

3. In Your Salad

Ding! Your entrée is ready! Pluck some of the finer leaves off your plants and chop them straight into your salad along with other crisp garden greens and vegetables. The beautiful appearance and peppery taste bring the backyard garden salad to a whole new level.

4. In Your Salve

A must-have for every home apothecary, skin-nourishing CBD hemp flower salve treats dry, itchy skin, acne, and inflammation. Infuse a carrier oil, like coconut or sweet almond, and transform your flower and trim into luxurious skin care products. For ease and versatility, put your cannabis salve in your purse, on the vanity, or next to the kitchen sink.

5. In Flower Arrangements

Remember those forbidden leaves printed on headshop merchandise? Well, now you can proudly display them on the dining table next time your in-laws come to town! Use stalks with large, stunning leaves as an eye-catcher in your next floral centerpiece, or incorporate flowered plants into a unique bouquet and surprise the cannabis lover in your life.

6. In Green Juice

Juicing vegetables isn’t news, but did you know that you can juice your cannabis flower, leaves and stems? The fresh green hemp leaves offer medicinal CBD and a pungent, peppery flavor. Hemp juice blends well with beet, carrot or apple for sweetness, and citrus if you enjoy a hint of tart!


Gift beautiful mason jars of dry flower to your friends and family, and see how they get creative with their hemp!



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