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What is Personal Plants?

A message from our founder, Dr. Amanda Reiman
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Amanda Reiman
March 3, 2023
August 14, 2021

Welcome to Your Plant Medicine Journey!

Welcome! I am thrilled that you are here! The world of earth medicines is vast and ancient. Modern laws around the use of therapeutic plants have stunted access and slowed research. But, we are in a therapeutic plant and fungi renaissance! Not only is access to these medicinal tools increasing but the public is looking for an alternative to the pills and products marketed as wellness. Personal Plants is the answer!

What Will I Find Here?

At Personal Plants, our focus is on empowerment and learning. We believe that the key to helping people make the most of plant- and fungi-based wellness is to provide engaging content, easy to follow recipes and how-to's, and a curated marketplace filled with the tools you need from the brands you love. Looking for a "paint by numbers" approach to plant medicine? Check out our Personal Plants' kits in the marketplace. Then peruse our content to connect with expert plant medicine explorers for advice and introspection.

Ready to delve into making your own medicine at home? We offer the tools to make your DIY wellness journey easy, useful and most of all, fun!

What Won't I Find Here?

While we do sell the tools needed to make all of the products you find on the site, we do not sell any age-restricted products (e.g. THC). We believe that education around earth medicines should be accessed by all. And here at Personal Plants, our main goal is to help you help yourself! We look forward to incorporating additional earth medicines as the rules governing them evolve!

DIY Wellness For Every Level!

We are here to demystify and promote the home cultivation and processing of plant-based wellness products. Much like how the Food Network supports home chefs no matter their experience, time or budget, Personal Plants is here to meet you where you are at and to truly be your guide to the world of earth medicine. I can't wait for you to join us!

-Amanda Reiman, PhD

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