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Ardent: Infusion Press EVOO Bundle

Infuse olive oil at home in your Ardent FX with this kit!
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Making infused cooking oil is a breeze inside the Ardent FX with the new Infusion Press & Premium Koreneki Varietal Olive Oil Bundle. Choose from two different oils.

No more need for messy straining equipment like cheesecloths and coffee filters!

How to Use The Infusion Press:

1. Decarboxylate your cannabis in the FX

2. Pour in your oil, infuse, then replace the FX lid with our Infusion Press to easily separate out the raffinate from the usable, infused oil without any loss.*

*This utility tool can be used with the oil of your choosing, but we love to pair it with the included bottle of Ardent's premium, sand-grown, single-source extra virgin olive oil. Their olive oil, created exclusively with olives harvested within the first two weeks of the season, is packed with antioxidants and boasts a natural, peppery flavor profile. Choose between traditional Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil or the Tuscan Herb varietal, which includes pressed herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and oregano.

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