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Brew Crushed-leaf Kratom Tea (the right way!)

What’s kratom and how do you brew the tea? Here’s what the experts at Top Tree Herbs have to say
ClassesHow to Brew Kratom Tea – the right way!
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Recipe by Tree Top Herbs

Although you may have heard the name of this herb before, you still might not be sure what it is or even how you say it, so allow us to introduce you to kratom (pronounced CRAY-TUM.) This therapeutic Southeast Asian tree has become more mainstream in recent years, but how to use it still remains a mystery. Luckily our friends at Top Tree Herbs are here to share that with you.  

Their informative blog post, The Complete Guide to Kratom Tea and Capsules, defines kratom as the “common name for both the plant and the leaf of Mitragyna speciosa an evergreen tree found in Southeast Asia where it grows wild as well as on plantations.”

Similar to its distant cousin coffee, kratom leaves offer caffeine-like effects. The plant also hosts a number of other compounds and alkaloids, the most abundant being mitragynines, hence the name. Anecdotal evidence attributes therapeutic benefits, which include anti-depressive and pain relief properties, to drinking kratom tea.

How and why should you drink kratom?

When it comes to sipping a nice hot cup of Top Tree Herb kratom tea, the most important part to get right is, of course, the brewing process! If brewed incorrectly, the tea might come off as weak, and you may miss out on the full benefits.  

Some people consume kratom in a powdered state as it's most often sold for the sake of industry convenience. But the guys at Top Tree Herbs assure us that the traditional way to consume this tea is in its full, or crushed-leaf format. Avoid that gritty “kratom slurry” and instead find elation within pre-packed tea bags for steeping the crushed leaves instead!

Traditionally people drank kratom as a tea infusion or chewed the leaf for its stimulating effects, and then spit it out. People do occasionally consume the plant as a whole leaf or a powder, although some report having an upset stomach afterwards.

Remember that drinking kratom powder does not make it a tea, because consuming powder is the same as eating the whole plant rather than drinking an infusion of it. Instead try simmering freshly picked leaves or steeping the dried herb in tea bags.  

A word from Top Tree Herbs

“Today, the best way to brew kratom tea is to use kratom tea bags. Good kratom tea bags are filled with premium, crushed leaf kratom. The crushed leaf is necessary, as micronized powder fits through the pores of the tea bag, resulting in gritty tea. To assist in flavor and effect, you can purchase kratom tea bags with supplementary herbs and essential oils.”

Enjoy a broad range of benefits from mood enhancement to caffeine-like focus and awareness. Don’t know where to start? You can source kratom tea from the Personal Plants marketplace once you’ve learned to brew correctly from your expert guides at Top Tree Herbs!

How to brew the perfect cup of kratom

  1. Add your desired amount of kratom tea bags (Top Tree Herbs recommends 1-3 bags) to a thermos. If you don’t have a thermos, use a well-insulated mug or vessel to retain as much of the heat as possible.
  2. Squeeze lemon juice over your tea bags. Half a lemon or more will do depending on your tastes. (An acidic liquid helps the alkaloids leave the crushed leaf and enter the hot water.)
  3. Pour boiling water over your tea bags and lemon juice.
  4. If using a thermos, cap and let steep for 20 minutes. If you’re using an open mug, you may need to reheat your tea before the 20 minutes is up to maintain the needed heat. Likewise, if using a pot on a stove, bring the boiling down to a simmer and let steep for the 20 minutes.

And that’s it! Enjoy your hot kratom tea! It is also delicious over ice.

Personal Plants marketplace offers all three varieties of kratom tea bags. Choose the Morning Blend to access the plant’s known energizing effects. This blend includes crushed kratom leaf and other herbs such as green tea and yerba mate. Try the Afternoon Blend for a nice midday pick-me-up with herbs like ginseng and a natural peach essence to sweeten the brew. Or get ready for bed with the Evening Blend, which couples the red vein kratom tea bags with sedative herbs such as chamomile, valerian and lavender, to name a few.  

Head on over to our shop now that you know how to brew the perfect cup!


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