Grow entheogenic plants at home. Seeds and cuttings available

Sacred Garden Advanced Kit

A kit for the more advanced gardener to grow your sacred garden! Seeds and cuttings included!
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Entheogens are plants that invite the divine within. Our mission is to support their abundance by encouraging people to grow and get to know these plants, without the end goal of consumption. We believe that deepening our connection to these plants is spiritually beneficial and will enhance any possible future consumption of the plant.

We are offering seeds and cuttings of entheogenic plants propagated at an organic garden in Oakland, CA.


Advanced Kit (please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery)

Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala, >10 seeds)

Banisteriopsis caapi (Ayahuasca vine, rooted plant)

Psychotria alba (Chacruna var "White Queen", var "UDV", rooted plant plus >5 seeds)

Passiflora (Passionflower, rooted plant)

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Ice plants contain DMT

Homegrown entheogens

Entheogens are plants that invite the divine within. Passionflower, chacruna, ayahuasca and morning glories all contain chemicals thought to bring about spiritual transformation. And you can grow them at home. Check out our shop and sign up to learn more!