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The Awakening Yoni Steam

Try Aja Yasir’s botanical yoni steam for a simple, at-home spa treatment. Flower essences enliven the delicate vaginal area, helping to cleanse, soothe and refresh.

Why Yoni Steam?

This summer, as you admire gorgeous blossoms in the garden, consider how these fragrant flowers not only resemble your own beautiful yoni (the Sanskrit word for vagina), but have beneficial, health-enhancing compounds. Yoni steams are part of a traditional herbalist’s toolkit that soothe the vagina and, depending on the ingredients, can have additional therapeutic value as well.

Jasmine extract and essential oil have antibacterial and antifungal properties, helping to cleanse the delicate area. Rose petals have cooling, astringent properties that also soothe inflammation. Yoni steams are excellent for relaxation and easing muscle tension during menstruation.

Make this practice into a monthly meditation for yourself, or grab your circle of girlfriends and some herbs and flower petals from the garden and turn this intimate activity into a sacred bonding ritual.

Here is Aja Yasir’s simple, sexual awakening yoni steam recipe:


10 edible Jasmine flowers (Jasminum sambac variety)

Petals of 2 Roses (wild roses are preferred, but any pesticide/fungicide-free variety will do)

2 quarts of warm water


Steep flower petals in 2 quarts of warm water until the water has a slight, brownish tint (about 15 minutes.) Do not boil the water because you do not want to burn yourself.

Remove your bottoms, or wear a loose skirt, and straddle the pot on the floor so the steam from the pot can wash over your yoni. Take time to settle into the blissful state and when you are finished with the steam, relax, and allow the area to dry completely before dressing.

Make this practice into a sacred ritual, either alone or with a group of other women. Get creative with your yoni steam recipe and try various herbal ingredients as if you were making your own custom tea blends.

Some Notes

Only use organic flowers from your garden or the shop for any yoni steam. Pregnant women should not do a yoni steam. Yoni steams have not been shown to treat any medical condition. Be sure you do not have any allergies to the flowers and herbs you choose for your yoni steam.


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