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Psychedelics and the Mind

Despite years of suppression and demonization, the power of psychedelic plants to heal, transform, and promote wellbeing is now being reaffirmed. Additionally, ancient practices like yoga and meditation are bringing opportunities for mindfulness and expanded consciousness.
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November 12, 2021
August 6, 2021

Psychedelic plants, also known as entheogens, are nothing new. For millennia, indigenous cultures have treated them as medicines, sacraments, rites of passage, and spiritual nourishment, incorporating them into their lives in ways that encouraged connection to self, family, community, nature, hearth, and home. These medicinal, mind-altering plants are coming back in favor as people yearn to rediscover the natural world, understand its gifts, and create a meaningful, playful, and reciprocal relationship with it. Personal Plants is dedicated to providing accurate and practical information about growing and working with psychedelic plants. Check out our content before your next trip!

We also believe that in addition to plant medicines, practices like yoga and meditation can be compliments to a mindful life, and can help transform the soul, with or without the aid of plants. Learn more about how these practices interact and how to incorporate them into your daily life!

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Ice plants contain DMT

Homegrown entheogens

Entheogens are plants that invite the divine within. Passionflower, chacruna, ayahuasca and morning glories all contain chemicals thought to bring about spiritual transformation. And you can grow them at home. Check out our shop and sign up to learn more!