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Medicinal Plants

Discover the abundance of medicine in the plant queendom. Herbs, plants, fungi—we got you covered here!
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Personal Plants
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October 30, 2021
August 6, 2021

Personal Plants is about more than plants that alter the mind; it's about creating relationships with and finding healing from medicinal plants and fungi of all kinds!

Read on to discover all of the ways you can cook, create, heal, and transform with everything from cordyceps to calendula to chamomile!

Adaptogenic Mushrooms for Everyday Wellness

Using Mushrooms to Discover our Invisible World

Oyster Mushroom Risotto

Oyster Mushroom Immunity Broth

Using Tinctures for Balance and Wellness

3-Ingredient Lavender Lemonade

What is Personal Plants?

Sexual Freedom and Plant Power

Communicate with Your Plants

Hawthorn Berry Cordial

Exploring the Mystical Side of Herbalism

The Awakening Yoni Steam

Southern Pickeled Beets with Orange

5 Tips for Planting Your First Backyard Garden

Lessons in Suburban Farming from Holistic Gardener Aja Yasir

Spiced Adaptogenic Moon Milk for Slumber

5 Herbal Superfood Allies for Your Wellness Routine

How to Brew Crushed-leaf Kratom Tea (the right way!)



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Ice plants contain DMT

Homegrown entheogens

Entheogens are plants that invite the divine within. Passionflower, chacruna, ayahuasca and morning glories all contain chemicals thought to bring about spiritual transformation. And you can grow them at home. Check out our shop and sign up to learn more!